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gismu rafsi: dor do'i x1 is the daytime of day x2 at location x3; (adjective:) x1 is diurnal (vs. nocturnal). See also nicte, djedi, tcika.
donri coi
Good day!
ca donri midju
It is midday.
mi vi citka ca ro donri
I eat here every day.
lo blato cu mipri lo nei ca lo donri
Cockroaches hide themselves during daytime.
pu carmi je lenku donri ca lo vonmasti .i snasni lo junla la .pacicac.
It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.
.isemu'ibo ca pa donri la teris. co'a dzukla le barda tcadu
So one day, Terry started to walk to the big city.
.ijebo mo'u le cimoi donri la teris. viska le tcadu .uicai tergu'i
At the end of the third day, Terry saw the city (Hooray!) lights.
ca lo donri be lo prulamdei ra pu stali lo zdani
Yesterday in the daytime, he stayed at home.
lujvo m1 is the noon (midday) of day d2 at location d3. djemidju is too vague. Cf. donri, midju, ctemidju.
lujvo b1 is later than noon of day d2 at location d3. donri+midju+balvi; see also vanci, lerci, cerni, nicte, dormidju, lecydo'i
gismu rafsi: dje dei x1 is x2 full days in duration (default is 1 day) by standard x3; (adjective:) x1 is diurnal. Today (= cabdei); tomorrow (= bavlamdei); yesterday (= prulamdei). See also donri, detri, jeftu, masti, nanca, nicte, tcika.
gismu rafsi: cte x1 is a nighttime of day x2 at location x3; (adjective:) x1 is at night/nocturnal. Tonight (= cabycte); tomorrow night (= bavlamcte, even when tonight is still in the future); last night (= prulamcte). See also donri, djedi, tcika.
experimental cmavo x1 is the PA-th date/time of unit x2 (si'o) counting from x3 (default: now) by calendar x4 x3 is the reference point in time (PA = no). The splicing method depends on x4. For example, at 14:03 on 2014-11-14, the 0th day (x2 = lo si'o djedi) from now is 11-14, the 0th century from now is the 21st century, the 0th month (x2 = lo si'o masti) is November, the 0th afternoon is this afternoon (x2 = lo si'o donri), the 0th night (x2 = lo si'o nicte) refers to nothing (because this time-point is not in night).
gismu x1 [hours, minutes, seconds] is the time/hour of state/event x2 on day x3 at location x4. Also o'clock, time-of-day. (time units in x1 are specified as numbers separated by pi'e or are unit values massified with joi); See also cmavo list ti'u, cacra, cerni, detri, donri, djedi, junla, nicte, mentu, snidu, temci, vanci, dirba, mokca.