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gismu rafsi: dra x1 is correct/proper/right/perfect in property/aspect x2 (ka) in situation x3 by standard x4. See also srera, mapti.
cmavo discursive: metalinguistic affirmer. See also drani.
drani danfu
The answer is right.
milxe drani
This is pretty accurate.
drani xu
Is he right?
.ia drani
I believe that's correct.
ra drani
That's correct.
mi drani
I'm right.
do drani
You are right.
dei drani
This sentence is fine.
ia drani
I believe that's correct.
pe'i ra drani
In my opinion, she is correct.
xu mi pu drani
Did I get it right?
go'i .i drani
Good, right, yes.
i'a ra drani
I admit that he is right.
je'u do rauva'e drani
In fact, you are quite right.