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no drata be lo ka pendo cu tadji lo ka se pendo
The only way to have a friend is to be a friend (literally ‘Nothing but being a friend is the way to have a friend’).
mi pu lebna lo titla le tanxe ca lo nu lo drata na jundi
I took a candy from the box when other weren't attentive.
ua do tsuku doi la alis i ua me'ai lo drata ti zvati ji'a
Wow, you arrived, Alice! Oh well, the others are here too.
la alis ba jai gau muvdu fai lo tanxe lo drata kumfa
Alice will move the box to another room.
mi si'a pu vitke le tcadu i sa'u go'i ca lo drata nanca
I also visited the city (just in another year).
lo bratu carvi cu tcena fo ti fe lo drata gugde lo vlile
The violent hail spreads from here to another country.
ta vasru lo plise e lo vanjba e lo tcilokoiotli e lo drata grute
It contains apples, grapes, pumpkin and other fruits.
no drata be lo mamta be mi cu vlipa lo ka bapli lo nu mi cliva
Only my mother has power to make me leave.
lujvo z1=d1 is a plurality of/more than all other subgroups of z2 as seperated/classified by property z3=d3 by amount z4. Made from drata + zmadu. Seems like both this and xabmau should have klesi in them, but it can be argued that the combination imports the idea of classification. See also xabmau.
gismu rafsi: mit mi'u x1 is the same/identical thing as x2 by standard x3; (x1 and x2 interchangeable). (cf. panra, satci, mapti, simsa, drata, dunli, cmavo list du - which has no standard place, simxu)
lo ro danlu cu dunli .i ku'i da poi danlu cu zmadu lo drata lo ka dunli
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
mi ca jdali'u le drata tcadu .ije mi ba viska ra punaijeba le jeftu be li re
I am on a mission in another city, and will see her only in two weeks.
lo ka pilno lo drata ckiku cu danfu lo tadji be lo ka jai gau karli fai lo vorme
Using another key is the answer to the problem of opening the door.
la alis pu jivna lo drata nixli lo nu vi'i ve'u bajra vau lo ka cpacu lo jdini
Alice competed with other girls in a long distance race with a monetary prize for the winner.
mi lojbo no drata be lo ka se cinri la lojban i je mi na tavla bau la lojban
I'm a Lojbanic person only in that I'm interested in Lojban; I don't speak it.
pe'i lo za'i lo ro do kansa mi cu zmadu tu'a lo pulji .e lo drata lo ka mi kufra ce'u
For my part, having you lot with me is more reassuring than the police or anything!