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gismu rafsi: rud dru x1 is a roof/top/ceiling/lid of x2. (cf. bitmu, stedu, galtu, gapru, loldi, marbi, gacri, mapku; a drudi is (designed to be) over/above something and shelters it from other things above the drudi, mapku)
da kevna lo drudi
There is a hole in the roof.
lo drudi be lo dinju cu ei se cikre
The roof of the building needs fixing.
le pa kamju cu sarji lo korbi be lo drudi
The column supports the edge of the roof.
lo karda poi farlu fi le drudi cu porpi loi ve'i spisa
The tiles that fell from the roof broke into very small pieces.
mi pu plipe i ja'e bo mi pu kuspe lo drudi
I jumped so that I reached the roof.
lo tapla poi farlu fi le drudi cu porpi lo ve'i spisa
The tiles that fell from the roof broke into small pieces.
lujvo t1 is a roof tile of material t2, shape t3, thickness t4. Cf. drudi, tapla.
mi pu cikre lo se cfila be lo ka milxe se pagre lo djacu di'o lo drudi be lo ko'a pudydi'u
I fixed a small leak in the roof of her shed.
lujvo d1 is a dome/cupola for purpose d2. Cf. drudi, malsi, si'erdi'u, zdani.
lujvo k1 is an overhanging portion of roof d1=k2, which is a roof of d2. See also: korbi, drudi.
gismu rafsi: map x1 is a cap/hat/crown/helmet/piece of headgear [head-top garment] of material x2. See also taxfu, stedu, drudi.
gismu rafsi: gai x1 is a cover/[lid/top] for covering/concealing/sheltering x2. See also pilka, gapru, marbi, drudi, ve botpi, bitmu, calku.
gismu rafsi: gap x1 is directly/vertically above/upwards-from x2 in gravity/frame of reference x3. See also tsani, galtu, cnita, drudi, gacri, dizlo, farna.
gismu rafsi: mra x1 is a shelter/haven/refuge/retreat/harbor for/protecting x2 from danger/threat x3. See also bandu, ckape, snura, drudi, sepli, bitmu, gacri.
gismu rafsi: sed x1 is a/the head [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: uppermost portion]. Skull (= sedbo'u). See also drudi, mebri, xedja, besna, flira, mapku.