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ti du lo za'u krili be lo silna
These are the crystals of salt.
lo re cirkulo cu du lu'e lo logji
Two circles is a symbol of logic.
lo vi vorme janbe cu du lu'e mi
This doorbell is to call me.
li ma'u re du li bi vu'u xa
"+2 = 8 - 6."
li ni'u ci du li re vu'u mu
'-3 = 2 - 5'.
li re pi'i mu du li pa no
2 × 5 = 10.
li pa fi'u ci du li pi ra'e ci
"1/3 equals 0.(3)"
le te ranxi cu du lo nu mi na merko
The irony is that I'm not an American.
li pa ci su'i mu du li pa bi
13 + 5 = 18.
li ci su'i pa pi'i re du li mu
3 + 1 x 2 = 5.
ti du lo vorme poi ve klama lo zarci
This is the doorway to the store.
li pa pa vu'u bi du li ci
11 - 8 = 3.
lujvo du1=da1 is too far/distant from da2 in property da3 (ka) by the standard of du3. Cf. darno, dukse.
lujvo du1 is the common logarithm (base 10) of du2. Synonymous to pavnondugri. See also {te'o zei dugri}, reldugri, dugri.
lujvo x1 is equal to / has the same value as x2 See also dunli, du, dubyfrica, dubmau, dubme'a.
lujvo x1 differs in value from / is not equal to x2 See also frica, du, dubdu'i, dubmau, dubme'a.