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experimental cmavo Text to bridi conversion Roughly equivalent to just la'e, but precise about the type of the result. Inverse of lu'au.
experimental cmavo the abstraction described by text; turns text sumti into abstraction sumti = tu'a la'e. See tu'ai, du'au
experimental cmavo Bridi to text conversion Essentially equivalent to se in the context of a se du'u. Inverse of du'au; however note that this is not single-valued, while du'au (provided context) is single-valued. Hence "lu'au du'au" is a useful idiom for constructing a text which has the same basic meaning as another text but is not necessarily the same text.
experimental cmavo abstraction described by quoted text Turns any grammatical quoted text into an abstraction. Terminated by li'u. Equivalent to tu'a la'e lu, or du'au lu. See tau'e.