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cmavo dunli modal, 1st place (equalled by) equally; as much as ...
du'i do ra xendo mutce
He is very kind, just like you.
mi'a du'i casnu lo mintu
We equally discussed the same.
xu do zukcfu du'i mi
Are you as busy as I am?
le korvo cu xekri du'i lo kolme
The raven is black as coal.
mi kucli lo nu xukau do tolcando du'i mi
I wonder if you are as busy as I am?
mi gleki du'i lo mlatu poi dasni lo sipta'u
I am as happy as a cat in pajamas.
gismu rafsi: dun du'i x1 is equal/congruent to/as much as x2 in property/dimension/quantity x3. Same in quantity/quality (not necessarily in identity); 'analogy' may be expressed as the equivalence of two properties of similarity (ka x1 simsa x2) and (ka x3 simsa x4). See also cmavo list du'i, satci, frica, simsa, mintu.