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du'u bu
bu-letteral the last sumti having a {du'u}-abstraction at its topmost level inside See also {ka bu}, {ni bu}, {nu bu}
si'o ze'ei du'u
cmavo-compound abstractor: x1 is x2's concept of [bridi] (proposition or {kau}-question) = lo sidbo be lo du'u. See si'o, ze'ei, kau
cmavo rafsi: dum abstractor: predication/bridi abstractor; x1 is predication [bridi] expressed in sentence x2.
ko'a cusku lo du'u xenru
He said he regretted what had happened.
mi jdice lo du'u mi'a na klama
I've decided that we won't go.
mi na djuno lo du'u ra zvati
I didn't know that he was there.
ra jinvi lo du'u mi pu tatpi
He thought that I was very tired.
ra na djuno lo du'u mi ponjo
She doesn't know that I'm Japanese.
mi djuno lo du'u la.mark. pu bilma
I know that Marco has been sick.
djuno lo du'u ko'a na'o sanga
She's well known as a singer.
xu do pu djuno fi le du'u ...
Did you know that ...?
xu do birti lo du'u na tolmo'i
Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?
mi djuno lo du'u do tolcando
I know that you are busy.
mi pensi lo du'u mi tolmorji da
I think I've forgotten something.
mi birti lo du'u ko'a zernalfu'e
I am convinced of her innocence.
ta pu jarco lo du'u vo'a stace
He proved to be honest.