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pe'i dukse kargu
I think this is too expensive.
ti dukse cmalu
This is too small.
dukse lo ni kargu
It's too expensive!
ra dukse pinxe lo birje
He drinks too much beer.
dukse pensi je toldu'e cinmo
We think too much and feel too little.
uinai mi dukse tolcando ca
Unfortunately, I am too busy now.
do dukse lo ka gunka
You're overworked.
loi vi cutci cu dukse cmalu
These shoes are too small.
mi na ponse lo dukse jdini
We have no extra money.
loi mi tcati cu dukse titla
My tea is too sweet.
sei mi te simlu ti dukse kargu
It seems to me that this is too expensive.
cmavo discursive: exaggeration - accuracy - understatement. See also satci, dukse.
lo vi jubme pu dukse tilju lo nu lafti
This desk was too heavy to lift.
do ze'a ca dukse gunka .i xu do tatpi
You work too hard these days. Aren't you tired?
.i mi laldo dukse seki'i le ti munje
I am too old for this world.
mi dukse lo ka tolcando ku lo nu kelci
I have no time for games.