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zo mi sumti lo ka dunda vau zo fi
"mi" is the third argument of the verb "dunda".
gismu rafsi: dud du'a x1 [donor] gives/donates gift/present x2 to recipient/beneficiary x3 [without payment/exchange]. Also grants; x3 is a receiver (= terdu'a for reordered places); the Lojban doesn't distinguish between or imply possession transfer or sharing; x2 may be a specific object, a commodity (mass), an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising from ownership of the object/commodity (= posydu'a, posyseldu'a for unambiguous semantics). See also benji, muvdu, canja, pleji, vecnu, friti, sfasa, dapma, cnemu, prali.
cmavo discursive: generously - parsimoniously. See also dunda.
ko dunda ko'a ko'e
Give them to him.
ko ti mi dunda
Can you give me that?
dunda ti mi xu
Is this a gift for me?
ko dunda ra mi
Give it to me.
ti se dunda
This is a gift.
ko dunda ta ra
Give that to him.
.e'a na te dunda
I am not insisting on it. If you don't like it, just don't take it.
ko ti mi dunda
Can you give me that?
ra dunda lo seldu'a mi
She gave me a present.
ra dunda lo junla ra
She gave him a watch.
ko na dunda ta mi
Don't give me that!
ko ti dunda la ramus.
Give this to Ramu.
ko'a dunda lo cukta ko'e
He gave her a book.