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gismu rafsi: dun du'i x1 is equal/congruent to/as much as x2 in property/dimension/quantity x3. Same in quantity/quality (not necessarily in identity); 'analogy' may be expressed as the equivalence of two properties of similarity (ka x1 simsa x2) and (ka x3 simsa x4). See also cmavo list du'i, satci, frica, simsa, mintu.
dunli fi noda
They don't have anything in common at all.
ko'a dunli ko'e lo ni barda
He is as tall as she.
lo pa meryru'u cu dunli lo panono merfei
A dollar is equal to a hundred cents.
ko'a dunli lo patfu be mi lo rajycla
He is as tall as my father.
ra dunli do lo ka tatpi lo bi'unai se gunka
He as well as you is tired of this work.
pe'i do dunli la tom lo ka ce'u ce'u xebni
I think you hate Tom as much as he hates you.
lo ro danlu cu dunli .i ku'i da poi danlu cu zmadu lo drata lo ka dunli
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
cmavo dunli modal, 1st place (equalled by) equally; as much as ...
cmavo-compound dunli modal, 3rd place equally; equal in property ...
mi dunli lo mensi be mi lo ka clani i ku'i mi na mintu le mensi
I am as long as my sister is. But I'm not her.
mi dunli do lo ka jinvi ma kau lo se zukte be le prenu
I am in concord with you in what we think about his actions.
lujvo x1 happens equally as often as x2 in interval x3 dunli roi
cmavo-compound dunli modal, 2nd place (same as 1st); equal to ... [same as 1st place modal].
lujvo x1 is equal to / has the same value as x2 See also dunli, du, dubyfrica, dubmau, dubme'a.
lujvo d1=p2 has the same feathers/plumage as d2, the feathers/plumage being p1. Cf. pimlu, dunli.