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gismu rafsi: zip zi'o x1 reflects Antarctican culture/nationality/geography in aspect x2. See also ketco, friko, sralo, terdi.
dzipo braxamsi
Southern Ocean
la tuks. dzipo cipni
Tux is an Antarctic bird.
au mi vitke lo dzipo tumla
I want to visit the Antarctica.
mi pu vitke lo dzipo le'ai nai
I visited Antarctica (sic!)
li'a mi pu no roi vitke lo dzipo tumla
Of course, I have never been to Antarctica.
lujvo x1=dzipo1=cipni1 is a penguin of species x2=cipni2.
lujvo d1=t1 is Antarctica From dzipo tumla. See also zdotu'a, rontu'a, tcotu'a, sralytu'a, frikytu'a, bemtu'a
obsolete fu'ivla x1 pertains to the Gondwana/Gondwanaland supercontinent/large subcontinent in aspect x2, more specifically associated with time period or arrangement x3 x3 is a property of Gondwanaland itself (at the time in question, as determined by x1 and x2). This word could be used along the lines of other cultural gismu: x1 reflect Gondwanalandean culture/lifestyle/"nationality" in aspect/nature x2. Confer: be'omronzdo, pangaio, ketco, friko, dzipo, sralo, xintu'a, rabytu'a, tumrmadagaskara, gugdemugu, tetfusi
fu'ivla x1 is a Lojban-derived zi'evla/"self-loan-word" with meaning x2 derived from word(s) x3 From lojbo + fu'ivla, shortening of jbojbofu'ivla. See zi'evla. Examples of jbofuvi: crenzuue, gentufa, aiste, and of course, jbofuvi itself. // Although usually refers to zi'evla, is not necessarily limited to it - jinda (from jipno dirce tarmi) is an experimental gismu that's a jbofuvi, while dzipo (from cadzu cipni) is an original gismu that's also a jbofuvi.