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ei do citka
You have to eat.
ei mi'ai sidju
We have to help.
mi na sutra ei
I'm not in a rush.
.ei lumci ti
It needs washing.
ei cliva nau
We have to leave now.
ei mi'ai klama nau
We have to go now.
ba fasnu ei i'a
Whatever will be, will be.
.ei mi'o zi casnu
We need to chat soon.
.ei mi klama
I should go.
ei do ca sipna
You should be sleeping now.
ei do djuno
You ought to know.
ei kurji lo bilma
We should take care of the patient.
experimental cmavo letteral for i when ending a diphthong (ai, ei, oi), sometimes written as ị
ei mi gunka i je ra'u cu'i ei mi surla
I need to work. But with equal importance I need to relax.
ei mi terve'u pa ti
I must buy one of these.
.ei mi pleji vi ma
Where should I pay?