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fu'ivla x1 is enthusiastic, excited about x2 (event / property of x1) See also gleki, cinmo, zdile, cmila, cisma, xanka or carmi akti for the meaning 'excited (in high energy state)'
experimental gismu x1 is excited/feels excitement about x2 (event/property) See ue'i, entuzi
la kevin cu mutce lo ka entuzi lo ka co'a se jibri lo cnino
Kevin is very enthusiastic about getting a new job.
lujvo x1 [loves/takes great, passionate interest in] x2 e.g. he *loves* football, I *love* Lojban. From cinri + prami. See entuzi
mi fliba lo ka sipna i sa'u mi entuzi lo ka djuno fi lo ma'a nu ba zi kuspe la pluton
I cannot sleep. I am just electrified by the knowledge of our imminent approach toward Pluto.