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cmavo non-logical connective: respectively; unmixed ordered distributed association.
ko'a fa'u ko'e nelci ko'i fa'u ko'o
He and he love her and her, respectively.
ma fa'u ma klama ma fa'u ma
Who and who goes where and where, respectively?
ma'a fa'u mi'a
zmadu fa'u mleca fi lo ka sampu fa'u lo ka drani
It's more easy and less correct, respectively.
mi'a ralte re gerku poi ke'a blabi fa'u xekri
We have two dogs. One is black and the other is white.
.i mi'a ralte re gerku .i ri blabi fa'u xekri
We have two dogs. One is black and the other is white.
i ko'a e ko'e e ko'i e ko'o e ko'u prenu i je ko'a fa'u ko'e nelci ko'e fa'u ko'i i je ko'o fa'u ko'u na nelci ko'a fa'u ko'e i je se ni'i bo ko'e se nelci ma
Let ko'a, ko'e, ko'i, ko'o and ko'u be people. Now ko'a and ko'e like ko'e and ko'i respectively, and ko'o and ko'u don't like ko'a and ko'e, respectively. Thus, ko'e is liked by whom?
fu'ivla x1 (fa'u-separated set) is analogous to x2 (fa'u-separated set of same size) by relation x3 (binary ka) See ckini, fa'u
experimental cmavo non-logical connective: antirespectively; unmixed but reverse ordered distributed association. Works together with fa'u; given an ordering by fa'u, the terms connected by this word are (applied) in opposite order.
ma rinka lo nu lo saksruseibo'i cu djuno pe'a lo du'u makau fa'u makau tadji lo nu da za'o glare fa'u lo nu de za'o lenku
How does a Thermos know how to keep hot things hot and cold things cold?
lu .iicai nanla li'u se cusku la teris. to le nanla ku fa'u la teris. pu noroi zgana lo tirxu ku fa'u lo nanla toi
"Aiee! A boy!" said the Terry (for the boy had never seen a tiger before, and Terry had never seen a boy before).
cmavo-compound mekso operator: plus or minus with order important, (((a±b)±c)±...±z) Strictly not "positive or negative" (if order matters, use ma'ufa'uni'u instead for that purpose). Subscript fa'u when multiple such operators (including "positive or negative" and others) are in use but are applied independently. This word is more useful and more general in mathematics than su'ijavu'u is, but is perhaps/arguably less general(ly useful) in Lojban, syntactically speaking, since not all statements have multiple occurrences of fa'u that may be linked.
gismu rafsi: fai x1 is distributed/allotted/allocated/shared among x2 with shares/portions x3; (x2/x3 fa'u). Also spread, shared out, apportioned; agentive distribution (= fairgau, fairzu'e). See also cmavo list fa'u, fendi, preja, katna, tcana.
gismu rafsi: fal fa'u x1 falls/drops to x2 from x3 in gravity well/frame of reference x4. Note: things can fall in spin, thrust, or tide as well as gravity; (agentive "drop" = one of two lujvo: falcru and falri'a). See also lafti, cpare, klama, sfubu.
gismu x1 parallels x2 differing only in property x3 (ka; jo'u/fa'u term) by standard/geometry x4. Also: x1 is parallel to x2, x3 is the only difference between x1 and x2 (= terpanra for reordered places); x1 and x2 are alike/similar/congruent. A parallel involves extreme close similarity/correspondence across the entirety of the things being compared, generally involving multiple properties, with focus placed on one or a small number of differences. See also pa'a, mintu, simsa, girzu, vrici.