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lo se cusku be ko'a te facki lo ka se ticysku
What he said turned out to be a lie.
lo nu ko'a cusku cu te facki lo ka nu ticysku
What he said turned out to be a lie.
ra pu troci lo ka facki lo danfu be le nabmi
He tried to solve the problem.
do facki lo du'u mi tadni la lojban. kei ta'i ma?
How did you know I am a Lojban student?
mi facki lo jitfa lo pu se cusku be la alis
I discovered that what Alice said is false.
la alis pu jai se facki fai lo ka na fuzme lo zekri vau le kamni
Alice was found not responsible for the crime by the committee.
lo ka facki lo du'u ma kau drani cu intele lo panzi be mi
The ability to determine who is right is the sign of high intellect of my child.
lo nixli pu tolcri lo rokci noi ba ku jai se facki fai lo ka jemna
A girl found a stone that later was turned out to be a gem.
le nixli pu pilno lo skami lo ka facki lo se nitcu
The girl used a computer to get the necessary information.
lujvo g1 notices g2 by means g3 under condition g4=c1. Cf. ganse, facki, sanji.
lujvo x1 finds fault/flaw x2 in x3 (object/action), of which the flaw causes x4 See cfila, facki
lujvo x1 finds fault/flaw x2 in actions x3 causing x4; x1 criticizes with critics x2 action x3 See cfila, facki
lujvo g1 reveals to f1 f2 (du'u) about subject/object f3 from facki gasnu c.f. jarco
lujvo s1=p1 finds s2=p2 at/in location p3. Cf. sisku, penmi, facki.
lujvo l1 explores lands in l2=t2 discovering facts f2 using means l3 from tumla facki litru
ka'e sisku tu'a lo valsi gi'e facki lo'i xe fanva .i je ku'i na je'a fadni fi lo vlacku
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