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gismu rafsi: fad x1 [member] is ordinary/common/typical/usual in property x2 (ka) among members of x3 (set). Also: x2 is a normal/common/ordinary/typical property among set x3 (= selterfadni for reordered places); also regular, (mabla forms:) banal, trite, vulgar; (x3 is complete set). See also cafne, rirci, kampu, lakne, tcaci, cnano.
fadni selgu'a
This is an ordinary task.
fadni se cmene
He has a common name.
fadni se srera
It's a common mistake.
mi fadni zo'e lo'i lobypli
I am a typical Lojban user.
mi fadni zo'e lo'i prenu
I am an ordinary person.
dei fadni jufra ra'i la .tatoebas.
This is a random sentence from Tatoeba.
cmavo attitudinal: wonder - commonplace. See also manci, fadni.
tu'a lo fadni remna cu to'e cinri mi
I have no interest in ordinary people.
lo nu do dunda za'ure'u cu fadni fi lo jalge be lo simsa fasnu
It's times like these that you give again.
lo makfa cu du lo se fadni poi pu'o se jimpe
The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.
fi lo mi pendo cu fadni fa la kevin lo ka cusku lo simsa pe mi
Among my friends, it's common for Kevin to say such things about me.
ka'e sisku tu'a lo valsi gi'e facki lo'i xe fanva .i je ku'i na je'a fadni fi lo vlacku
You can search words, and get translations. But it's not exactly a typical dictionary.
lujvo f1=m1 is vulgar/uncouth in property f2=m2 (ka) among members f3 (set). Cf. mabla, fadni, tolba'i.
lujvo f1 [member] is uncommon/atypical/unusual in property f2 (ka) among members of f3 (set). Cf. na'e, fadni, rirci.
lujvo f2 (ka) is an ordinary / common / general / typical / usual property among f3. Made of zi'o + fadni. See also kampu for the fully-universal sense. See also zilrirci.