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ti jenmi lo vi gugde lo ka jai gau co'u fagri
This is an army of firefighters of this country.
mi pu punji le pelji lo kajna be lo fagri stuzi
I put the paper on the mantel.
lo carvi pu fanta lo nu lo fagri cu preja lo boske lo foldi
The rain kept the fire from spreading to the forest from the field.
le prenu pu sakci lo danmo pe ra'i lo fagri lo fepni
He inhaled some smoke from the fire into his lungs.
lo jbama be lo djacu cu se pilno mi'a lo ka jai gau sisti lo nu fagri
Water bombs are used by us to stop fire.
mi pu snada lo ka gasnu tu'a lo fagri vau lo ka jai gau mosra lo grana lo grana
I succeeded in producing fire by rubbing one stick against another.
gismu rafsi: jel x1 burns/[ignites/is flammable/inflammable] at temperature x2 in atmosphere x3. Default x2/x3 to normal temperatures in air; ignite (= jelcfa), flammable/inflammable (usually = jelka'e or jelfrili). See also fagri, kijno, sigja, livla, sacki.