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gismu rafsi: fan x1 is a sail for gathering propelling material x2 on vehicle/motor x3. Waterwheel (= jacfanxi'u). See also bloti.
lo brife cu danre le falnu
Wind puts pressure on the sail.
lo vi bloti cu te falnu
This is a sailboat.
mi pu ca'o se bloti lo te falnu
I was a passenger on a sailboat.
lo vi molki cu te falnu lo djacu lo xislu
This mill operates on a water wheel.
le falnu cu tinsa lo pinta lo brife
The sail is rigid in horizontal direction against the wind.
lujvo b1 is canvas of material b2. Cf. falnu, bukpu, marnybu'u
lujvo x1 is a kite. From falnu, vofli (f2, f3, v2 subsumed). See also volfanjacta'o.
.ue doi .bancus. mi pu krici lo nu do se bloti lo je'u te falnu
Aha, Bancus, I thought that the boat for carrying you were in fact sail-powered.
gismu rafsi: lot blo lo'i x1 is a boat/ship/vessel [vehicle] for carrying x2, propelled by x3. See also falnu, fulta, marce, jatna, sabnu.
lujvo x1 is a fan, a propeller for creating movement in fluid x2 by drawing power from a vehicle/motor x3 Note that falnu is a device (x1) for converting the movement of some fluid medium x2 into power for some motor or vehicle x3.
lujvo t1=d1=f1 is a windsurfingboard of material/property t2. From tanbo, djacu, falnu (f2, f3 subsumed). See also sufingboard (=bonjacta'o), kitesurfingboard (=volfanjacta'o), wakesurfingboard (=blobonjacta'o).
lujvo g1=b3 is the mast made of g2 of sail f1 on boat f3=b1. Cf. bloti, falnu, grana, bloca'ega'a, blocpuga'a, blopinfanga'a, blomatryga'a, blofarga'a.
lujvo g1=b3=p1 is a/the boom/yard made of g2 of sail f1 on boat f3=b1. Cf. bloti, pinta, falnu, grana, bloca'ega'a, blofanga'a, blocpuga'a, blomatryga'a, blofarga'a.
lujvo t1=d1=f1=v1 is a board for use in water/(wind/kite)surfingboard/bodyboard/wakeboard of material/property t2. From tanbo, djacu, falnu, vofli (f2, f3, v2 subsumed). See also sufingboard (=bonjacta'o), windsurfingboard (=fanjacta'o), wakesurfingboard (=blobonjacta'o).