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gismu rafsi: fam fa'o x1 is an end/finish/termination of thing/process x2; [not necessarily implying completeness]. x1 is final/last/at the last; x1 is a terminal/terminus of x2; x1 is the final/terminated state of terminated process x2; x2 terminates/ceases/stops/halts at x1 (= selfa'o for reordered places). See also krasi, cfari, mulno, sisti, denpa, jipno, kojna, traji, krasi.
ti fanmo
This is the end.
co'u lo fanmo cu na'e fanmo
It isn't over until it's over.
lo fanmo ku jibni
The end is nigh.
le fanmo cu jibni
The end is nigh.
ko'a jdice lo du'u fanmo lo nu damva'u
He decided to quit smoking.
mi nelci lo lisri poi badri se fanmo
I like stories that have sad endings.
tolmi'u ru'a lo ta rufsu cmalinsi cu fanmo
On the contrary, I think it may turn out that this rugged mountain range trails off at some point.
be'ejda be lei fanmo djedi cespre bei la iecy,ys.krist
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
xu lo nu do prami mi kei cu se fanmo va'o lo nu mi na remlabno
Would you still love me if I wasn't a werewolf?
.i go'i fa ra'u lo nunfanva cipra jufra pe lo fanmo be ro te ctuca pagbu
Above all, the translation exercises at the end of each chapter are.
do te mukti lo ka mo ca lo fanmo lo dei jeftu
What are you going to do on weekend?
lujvo f1=s2 is the dessert of meal f2=s1 c.f. sanmi fanmo
lujvo x1 is a beginning of thing/process x2 See also fanmo, krasi
cmavo attitudinal: completion - incompleteness. See also mulno, mansa, fanmo, snada.
gismu rafsi: cfa x1 [state/event/process] commences/initiates/starts/begins to occur; (intransitive verb). See also sisti, krasi, fanmo, co'acfa.