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gismu x1 prevents/keeps/stops/restrains/constrains event x2 from occurring. See also pinfu, bandu, zunti, rinju, jimte, bapli, rivbi.
ma fanta
Why can't we do that?
ma tu'a do fanta
What's stopping you?
di'u ba fanta lo raktu be mi
That will save me a lot of trouble.
mi nelrai la'o gy.Fanta.gy. lo'i se sodva
Fanta is my favourite soda brand.
.o'o nai lo xanto cu fanta lo nu mi pagre
Damn, the elephants are blocking my way!
lo bumru pu fanta lo nu mi'a viska da
The fog prevented us from seeing anything.
lo nu bilma cu fanta lo nu mi klama lo ckule
Illness prevented me from going to school.
la .tam. la .meris. cu jgari mu'i lo nu farlu fanta
Tom grabbed Mary to keep her from falling.
do tu'a mi fanta bu'u la fircku i ja'e bo ai do co'a morsi
You blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to die.
lo carvi pu fanta lo nu lo fagri cu preja lo boske lo foldi
The rain kept the fire from spreading to the forest from the field.
lujvo f1=s2 exercises/show self-restraint from sevzi fanta c.f. nunsezyfanta
lujvo x1 is a painkiller for locus (body part) x2 See cortu, fanta, micyxu'i, nircadyxu'i
lujvo n1 is self-restraint shown by f1=s2 from nu sevzi fanta c.f. sezyfanta
gismu rafsi: pif x1 is a prisoner/captive of x2, restrained/held/confined by means/force x3. See also zifre, kavbu, rinju, ralte, fanta, cilce.
gismu rafsi: bad x1 (event) defends/protects x2 (object/state) from threat/peril/potential x3 (event). Also secures (verb); x1 wards/resists x3; protective cover/shield (= badgai). See also ckape, fanta, fapro, marbi, rivbi, zunti, snura, binra, lunbe, pulji.