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gismu rafsi: fac x1 (du'u) is a fact/reality/truth/actuality, in the absolute. See also datni, jitfa, sucta, xanri, jetnu, fasnu, zasti, cfika, saske.
la'e di'u fatci
That's a fact.
ra djuno lo fatci
He knows the truth.
ko jarco lo fatci
Where's your proof?
.au mi jungau ra lo fatci
I want to tell her the truth.
mi jungau ro lo pendo be mi lo fatci
I made the fact known to all my friends.
sei fatci mi na prami ta poi fetsi
The fact is I do not love her.
e'o do ciska lo srana be lo fatci se lifri be do
Please write about your real experience.
e'o do ciska lo srana be lo fatci se lifri be do
Please write about related to your real experience.
lujvo x1 is real / really exists in this universe See zasti, enzasti, facmu'e, fatci
lujvo f1=r1 is absurd, contrary to expectation r2 in aspect r3. Cf. fatci, ranxi.
i mi na se la'u li ro birti lo du'u ro lo se djuno be mi bei lo munje cu fatci
I'm not completely sure that all that I know about the world are actual facts.
fu'ivla x1 exists/is real in universe-of-discourse x2 Proposed alternate definition of zasti. See munje, enfasnu, li'i'e. x2 can be lo fatci, or a system, real or imagined, including a "story universe"; thus, e.g. unicorns (probably) don't exist with x2=lo fatci, but they'd exist in the stories where they exist.
gismu x1 (du'u) [fact/measurement] is data/information/statistic(s) about x2 gathered by method x3. Evidence (= velji'i datni or just velji'i, sidydatni). See also fatci, saske, vreji.
lujvo x1 (nu) really happens / actually happens See fatci, fasnu, enfasnu, facmu'e, cazyfau
lujvo x1 is delusional, suffering from delusions; x1 has a false belief x2 (du'u) that confrontas with actual facts See fatci na krici, fasnu