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cmavo binary mathematical operator: nth root of; inverse power [a to the 1/b power].
ma du li fe'a panono
What's the square root of 100?
lujvo x1 is an x3rd root of x2. See also fe'a
lujvo x1 is the exponential root of x2 with exponent x3 // x1 is the x3th root of x2 // x1 = \sqrt[x3]{x2 Brivla form of fe'a. See tenfa, dugri
experimental cmavo iterated function left-composition with self: f∘f∘...∘f, n times. First argument must be a function(al) or some object f that can be left-composed with itself; second argument is a real number (usually nonnegative integer) n for which n compositions of f makes sense; the result is f left-composed with itself n times. This word is a shortcut for longer expressions. See also: fa'ai, se'au, te'a, fe'a.
gismu rafsi: fer fe'a x1 is a crack/fissure/pass/cleft/ravine/chasm/[defect/flaw] [shape/form] in x2. See also kevna, cfila, jinto.