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gismu rafsi: fen fe'o x1 sews/stitches/sutures materials x2 (ind./set) together with tool(s) x3, using filament x4. (x2 if a set must be a complete specification); See also cilta, jivbu, jorne, nivji, pijne, lasna.
le nixli pu fenso lo bukpu lo jesni lo cilta
The girl sewed pieces of cloth using a needle and a thread.
gismu x1 weaves x2 from material/[yarn] x3. See also fenso, nivji.
lujvo c1 is a thread of fabric material c2=b2. Cf. skori, silka, marna, mapni, sunla, fenso.
gismu rafsi: cil x1 is a thread/filament/wire [shape/form] of material x2. See also fenso, nivji, skori, silka.
gismu rafsi: niv x1 (agent) knits x2 [cloth/object] from yarn/thread x3. See also cilta, fenso, jivbu, pijne.
gismu x1 is a pin/peg (needle-shaped tool) for fastening to/piercing x2, of material/properties x3. See also jesni, nivji, fenso, dinko, tutci.
gismu rafsi: la'a x1 (agent) fastens/connects/attaches/binds/lashes x2 to x3 with fastener x4. No implication that result is considered a single object; although x2 and x3 may be reversible, x3 may be used for the substrate, the fixed/larger object to which x2 becomes attached. See also jorne, fenso, jgena, batke, dinko, kansa.
gismu rafsi: jon jo'e x1 is joined to/connects to/is united with x2 at common locus x3; x1 and x2 are a union. Also joined/fastened/attached by joint x3/by means of x3/with fastener x3; fastener (= jo'etci, jonvelyla'a); train, sequence of joined objects (= jonpoi; porjo'e for a single object joined into a sequence). See also lasna, fenso, kansa, pencu, penmi.