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experimental gismu x1 is physical/actual/pertains to physics in aspect x2 (ka) of type x3 by standard/in metaphysics x4 Perhaps includes (but would not be limited to): material, bodily, tangible. x1 need not be a substance/matter; spacetime, physical quantities (such as energy), virtual particles, and even the rules of physics and some mathematical theorems could be considered to be physical. See also: jikfi, termu'e, termu'eske, mairza'i, tifmu'eza'i, dacti, marji, xanri, fatci, menli, cinmo, cmaci.
lujvo x1 (force) is physically strong in aspect x2 by standard x3 fisli, tsali. Specifically refers to the physical aspect of tsali. Syn. jikfytsa
experimental gismu x1 is a physical interaction [colloquially: force] between x2 (interacting participants/objects; symmetric) with characteristics/of type x3 Not necessarily fundamental. Can include: forces (bapli), pressures, the fundamental interactions (tsaba, dicma, vubla, grava), the 'Higgs' mechanism (xigzo), etc. Direction (as of application) can be specified in x3. See also: fisli.