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gismu rafsi: fla x1 is a law specifying x2 (state/event) for community x3 under conditions x4 by lawgiver(s) x5. x1 is a legality; x2 is legal/licit/legalized/a legality (= selfla for reordered places). See also javni, ritli, zekri, pulji, tinbe.
flalu xu
Is it legal?
le'o mi flalu
I am the law!
ro ma'a mintu fi lo flalu
We're all the same according to law.
ma'a bilga lo nu ro roi tinbe lo flalu
We should always act in obedience to the law.
le barna be le kamju cu flalu barna le dargu
The mark on the pillar is a road sign.
o'u cu'i mi pu tinbe lo se flalu
I followed the law.
le ko flalu zo'u tu'e logji pensi .i panpi menli .i vrude zukte tu'u
Make it your law: logical thought, peaceful mind, virtuous action.
lo flalu prenu je lo tumla vecnu cu ricfu ja rigni
Lawyers and real estate agents are rich or obnoxious.
cu'u le jbogri .e le flalu la lojban cu ba'e du la loglan
As said by the Lojban Group and the law, Lojban is equal to Loglan.
lo flalu prenu e lo tumla vecnu cu ricfu gi'a rigni
Lawyers and real estate agents are rich or obnoxious.
lo flalu be lo ka na ralte lo gerku bei ro se zdani cu cizra
The law specifying that no citizen should keep a dog is crazy.
le za'u mai pu casnu lo flalu be fi lo muslo
They discussed Muslim law.
gismu rafsi: tek ce'i x1 is a tax/levy/duty on goods/services/event x2 levied against x3 by authority/collector x4. Also custom, toll, tariff, tribute. See also pleji, flalu, turni.
lujvo z1 is a judicial court administering lawsuit p2=f2 for community f3. Cf. zdani, pajni, flalu.