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lujvo g2 is a/are citizen(s) of country g1 according to law f1 specifying f2 (state/event) for community f3. From flalu, gugde. Cf. flaxa'u.
lujvo x1 is a/are legal resident(s) of location/country x2 according to law f1 specifying f2 (state/event) for community f3. From flalu, xabju. Cf. flaselgu'e.
lujvo f1=s2 is a bill specifying f2 (state/event) for community f3 under conditions f4, proposed/drafted by s1. Cf. flalu.
gismu rafsi: tib x1 obeys/follows the command/rule x2 made by x3; (adjective:) x1 is obedient. See also minde, lacri, javni, flalu, zekri.
lo xe flalu cu te mukti lo nu lo ninmu cu se jibri lo se gunka poi pu steci lo nanmu .i ra'u cu'i lo xe flalu cu te mukti lo nu lo nanmu cu se jibri lo se gunka poi pu steci lo ninmu
The lawgivers wanted women to work in traditionally male occupations. Equally importantly, the lawgivers wanted men to work in traditionally female occupations.
lujvo c1=f3 [lacks law]/[is lawless with regard to] law(s) f1 specifying f2 (state/event) under conditions f4 by lawgiver(s) f5; c1=f3 is lawless. Cf. flalu, claxu.
lujvo f1=v1=t1 is the constitution of f3=v2. Cf. vajni, traji, flalu, zuktruci'e, flatruci'e, pairtruci'e, flacfatrugri, flazautrugri.
lujvo g1=t1 is the Lower House/House of Representatives/House of Commons for territory t2 with members g3=f5. Cf. flalu, cfari, turni, girzu, flazautrugri, truci'e, zuktruci'e, flatruci'e, pairtruci'e, vajraifla.
lujvo c1=t1=f5 is the legislative branch of the government of people/territory/domain/subjects t2. Cf. flalu, turni, ciste, truci'e, zuktruci'e, pairtruci'e, flacfatrugri, flazautrugri, vajraifla.
lujvo g1=t1 is the Upper House/Senate/House of Lords for territory t2 with members g3=f5=z3. Cf. flalu, zanru, turni, girzu, flacfatrugri, truci'e, zuktruci'e, flatruci'e, pairtruci'e, vajraifla.
gismu rafsi: ri'i x1 is a rite/ceremony/ritual for purpose/goal x2, by custom/in community x3, with form/rules x4. [also: x1 is formal, Legal. x1 is 'going through the motions']; x4 constraints/customs; See also lijda, malsi, flalu, javni, tcaci, clite, junri.
gismu rafsi: jva x1 is a rule prescribing/mandating/requiring x2 (event/state) within system/community x3. Regulation, prescription (also x2), principle, requirement (also x2), prescribe, require (conditions are usually contained within x2); x1 is regulatory; x2, x3 are regulated. See also flalu, ritli, cmavo list ja'i, marde, tcaci, tinbe, zekri.
gismu x1 is a police officer/[enforcer/vigilante] enforcing law(s)/rule(s)/order x2. Police officer, as an agent of authority (= ca'irpulji, ka'irpulji), as part of a police force (= puljysoi, as part of puljyselsoi); military police (= jempulji, bilpulji). See also catni, sonci, bilni, flalu, bandu, jemna, zekri, krati.
gismu rafsi: zer zei x1 (event/state) is a punishable crime/[taboo/sin] to people/culture/judges/jury x2. Taboo (= kluzei, cacyzei); sin (= madzei, jdamadzei); heresy (= jdazei). See also flalu, sfasa, zungi, palci, lijda, pajni, javni, tcaci, marde, pulji, tinbe.