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gismu x1 is a flute/pipe/fife/recorder [flute-like/air-reed musical instrument]. See also zgike.
ta mo flani
What kind of flute is that?
lo sance be lo flani cu jai pluka
The flute has a pleasant sound.
do certu lo ka zgipli lo flani lo melbi
You are a pro in playing beautiful melodies on the flute.
fu'ivla x1 is a dizi. Cf. flani, pinflani, zgica'a.
lujvo x1 is a flute. Cf. flani, pijne, flanrdizi, zgica'a.
gismu rafsi: zgi gi'e x1 is music performed/produced by x2 (event). x2 event may be person playing instrument, singing, musical source operating/vibrating, etc.; instrument (= zgica'a); play an instrument (= zgica'apli, zgiterca'a, selzgigau, selzgizu'e); song (= sagzgi, selsa'a); voice, as used musically (= zgivo'a); composed music (= finzgi). See also damri, dansu, flani, janbe, jgita, pipno, rilti, tabra, tonga, xagri, siclu.