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gismu rafsi: fro x1 is a fork/fork-type tool/utensil for purpose x2 with tines/prongs x3 on base/support x4. See also dakfu, smuci, komcu, tutci.
mi xo'i pi'o lo forca
I use the fork.
mi citka se pi'o lo forca i mi pe se pi'o lo forca cu citka
I eat with a fork.
la ci forca cu barja loi birje lo litru
The Three Forks is a bar serving beer, and its target audience are travellers.
ti forca lo nu jukpa vau ci da lo mudri
This is a wooden fork for cooking with three tines.
mi pu citka se pi'o ja'ai lo forca
I ate indeed using a fork.
mi na kakne lo ka kuspe lo va forca
I can't get that fork.
lujvo t1 is cutlery for eating c2. Cf. ctidakfu, forca, smuci, palta.
lujvo x1 is a spork/combined spoon and fork for use x2 See also forca, smuci, dakfu
lujvo d1 is a table knife for cutting food d2=c2, with blade of material d3. Cf. forca, smuci, palta.
gismu rafsi: kom x1 is a comb [many-needled shape] of material x2 with tines/needles x3. See also julne, forca, burcu.
gismu rafsi: muc x1 is a spoon/scoop (tool) for use x2, made of material x3. See also dakfu, forca, tutci.
gismu rafsi: dak x1 is a knife (tool) for cutting x2, with blade of material x3. See also denci, balre, katna, tunta, forca, smuci, kinli.
gismu rafsi: tci x1 is a tool/utensil/resource/instrument/implement used for doing x2; [form determines function]. (cf. cabra, minji, se pilno, zukte, sazri, basic tool types: salpo, pulni, cfine, klupe, jendu, xislu, vraga; utensils: forca, smuci, dakfu; specifics: balre, mruli, cinza, garna, pijne, pambe, canpa, pilno, vraga)