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ro tcidu cu frica fi lo ka mo'u finti le lisri
Each reader completes the novel in a different way.
lujvo x1 (sound) is phonemically distinguished from x2 (sound) in language x3 From ba'urvlasle and frica
cmavo discursive: uniquely, only, solely: the only relevant case. See also pamei, mulno, frica.
lujvo m1 is incompatible with m2 in aspect m3. Cf. frica, dukti.
cmavo discursive: on the one hand - on the other hand. See also karbi, frica, dukti
gismu rafsi: dat x1 isn't the-same-thing-as/is different-from/other-than x2 by standard x3; x1 is something else. See also mintu, frica.
lujvo x1 differs in value from / is not equal to x2 See also frica, du, dubdu'i, dubmau, dubme'a.
lujvo b1 becomes different/changes/transforms from f2 in property/dimension/quantity f3 under conditions b3. Cf. frica, binxo.
gismu rafsi: rax x1 is ironic(al)/contrary to expectation x2 in state/property/aspect x3. See also dukti, frica, cizra.
gismu x1 (set/mass/ind.) is miscellaneous/various/assorted in property x2 (ka). See also klesi, girzu, frica, simsa, panra.
lo nu cilre lo bangu mu'i lo nu jimpe ja cusku ku ku mutce frica lo nu cilre lo bangu mu'i lo nu zifre pilno pa'a lo verclibau
There is a big difference between learning a language in order to understand or to say something if needed, and wanting to acquire a second language in order to command it freely, almost like you command your first language, your mother tongue.
gismu rafsi: dun du'i x1 is equal/congruent to/as much as x2 in property/dimension/quantity x3. Same in quantity/quality (not necessarily in identity); 'analogy' may be expressed as the equivalence of two properties of similarity (ka x1 simsa x2) and (ka x3 simsa x4). See also cmavo list du'i, satci, frica, simsa, mintu.
gismu rafsi: smi x1 is similar/parallel to x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni); x1 looks/appears like x2. Also: x1 is a likeness/image of x2; x1 and x2 are alike; similarity and parallel differ primarily in emphasis. See also dunli, frica, mintu, panra, simlu, vrici.