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lo vi cukta cu zmadu lo va cukta lo ka frili
These books are easier than those books.
lo vi karce cu jai frili fai lo ka se sazri
This car is easy to handle.
lujvo g1 [person/agent] causes f1 to be easy for f2 under condition(s) f3. Cf. frili, gasnu, filri'a, sutygau, sutri'a.
lujvo r1 [event/state] causes f1 to be easy for f2 under condition(s) f3. Cf. frili, rinka, filgau, sutri'a, sutygau.
lujvo s1=f1 is simple/easy in property s2 for f2 under conditions f3 See also similar in meaning frili, sampu
lujvo t1=f2 speaks fluently to t2 about subject t3 in language t4 under conditions f3. Cf. frili, tavla.
gismu rafsi: sap x1 is simple/unmixed/uncomplicated in property x2 (ka). See also pluja, curve, frili, manfo.
ki'u lo nu ciska bau lo glico kei lo nu tcidu lo vi cukta cu frili mi
Written in English, this book is easy for me to read.
mi pu jilra lo mi bruna lo se frili poi tai ke'a tavla fa ce'u bau la lojban
I envied the ease at which my brother talked in Lojban.
lujvo g2=f1 is apparent to g1 via perceptual/cognitive faculty g3. x3 includes reason or critical thinking skills as well as discrete biological organs such as eyes or ears. Cf. frili, sapselga'e, sampu, klina.
lujvo x1=f2=j1 easily understands fact(s) x2=j2 about x3=j3 under conditions of ease x4=f3. Composed of jimpe, frili. Completely jvajvo. See also jmifrili.
gismu rafsi: nad x1 is difficult/hard/challenging for x2 under conditions x3; x1 challenges (non-agentive) x2. See also frili, nabmi, jdari, talsa, tinsa.
pe'i lo nu mi'ai na frili kakne lo nu benji la nomoi cu mukti .ei lo nu mi'ai na troci lo nu benji ja vecnu lo remoi
In my opinion, the fact that we can't easily send the zeroth one should be a reason for us not to try to send and sell the second one.
na spenybi'o lo prenu poi lo ka mivykansa ke'a cu frili .i spenybi'o lo prenu poi lo ka na mivykansa ke'a cu nandu
You don't marry someone you can live with — you marry the person whom you cannot live without.
gismu rafsi: zif zi'e x1 is free/at liberty to do/be x2 (event/state) under conditions x3. Also unrestricted, unfettered, unconstrained; (adjective:) independent; (adverb:) willingly, voluntarily, freely, may, optionally; (potential:) x1 voluntarily does x2. See also pinfu, rinju, bilga, curmi, kakne, frili.