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gismu x1 is a fraction, with numerator x2, denominator x3 (x2/x3). See also parbi, dilcu, mekso, fendi, fi'u.
li re frinu li bi li vo
2 = 8 / 2.
cmavo digit/number: fraction slash; default "/n" => 1/n, "n/" => n/1, or "/" alone => golden ratio. See also fe'i, frinu
lujvo n1 is a rational/fractional number. frinu namcu. See also tolfrinyna'u, xarna'u, tolxarna'u, mrena'u, lujna'u
gismu x1 (me'o) is the [decimal/binary] equivalent of fractional x2 (me'o) in base x3 (quantity). Conversion from fractions to decimal-point based notation. See also namcu, frinu.
lujvo x1 is an irrational number. to'e frinu namcu. See also frinyna'u, xarna'u, tolxarna'u, mrena'u, lujna'u.
gismu x1 is a quotient of 'x2/x3' [dividend x2 divided by divisor x3], leaving remainder x4. See also frinu, fendi, katna, parbi, mekso.
gismu rafsi: fed x1 (agent) divides/partitions/separates x2 into sections/parts/ind. x3 by method/partition x4. Also segments. See also sepli, bitmu, fatri, dilcu, katna, frinu.
gismu rafsi: mek me'o x1 [quantifier/expression] is a mathematical expression interpreted under rules/convention x2. See also cmaci, dilcu, fancu, frinu, jalge, namcu, parbi, pilji.
gismu rafsi: pab x1 (me'o, fraction) is a ratio/rate of x2 (quantity) with respect to x3 (quantity), [x2:x3]. Also x1 fraction/proportion/quotient; x2 dividend/numerator; x3 divisor/denominator. See also frinu, dilcu, mekso.
experimental gismu x1 is the subtraction-difference of x2 and x3 (and x4 etc.); x1 = x2 - x3 [ - x4 etc.] Near-synonymous to selsumji, but better conveys the concept of "subtraction", as opposed to merely "addend", as well as being more convenient for lujvo. See vu'u, sumji, pilji, dilcu, frinu. Proposed rafsi: -vuj-, -vu'u-