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fu'ivla g1 is g2 joule(s) of energy (default is 1) by standard g3. Cf. Cf. klanrdjuli, {klanrniut,ni}, klanrxuati.
fu'ivla x1 is a quantity of yogurt made from x2 milk by process x3. Cf. ladru, cirla, kruji.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 is July in year x2 on calendar x3 See also: djanua, februa, martio, prilio, madjio, djunio.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 is June in year x2 on calendar x3 See also: djanua, februa, martio, prilio, madjio, djulio.
fu'ivla x1 is a dwarf (mythological creature) of type/mythology x2 Refers to the mythological race. For dwarfism, the actual medical condition, torpre or some other lujvo is preferred. See crida, elfe, ridgobeli.
fu'ivla x1 (amount) is too high for x2 to not happen; x1 is a property satisfied by a number/amount too high for x2 to happen Synonymous to narfaubanzuni. See also dukse.
fu'ivla x1 (du'u with kau) is the indirect question of predicate relation x2 (ka), with answers x3 (sumti sequence) See du'umdu, preti, brije'u, du'u, kau
fu'ivla x1 asks permission to do/be x2 (ka) from x3 See e'a, curmi, cpedu, e'ande
fu'ivla x1 is allowable/permissible to x2 under conditions x3 Cf. e'a, kakne, e'ande, selzau'inda
fu'ivla x1 is ephemeric, lasting for a short period of time x2; x1 is ephemeral, temporary, transitory, fleeting, evanescent, momentary, short-lived, short, volatile See zasni
fu'ivla x1 is a song with music/melody x2 and lyrics x3 See selsa'a, sanga, sagzgi, sagypemci
fu'ivla x1 (n-ary property) is applied to sumti x2, x3, ... Can have infinite places (specifically n+1, if x1 is an n-ary property). brivla parallel of me'au.
fu'ivla g1 is g2 henry/henries of inductance (default is 1) by standard g3. Cf. klanrxenri, klanrvolta, xampo.
fu'ivla x1 is a letter having serifs x2 Serif is a short line added to the top or bottom of letter. See also sanserife, kursive
fu'ivla x1 is an encyclopaedia with content x2 See also cukta, datni, saske, vricyjuncku
fu'ivla x1 is a taur of type/species/mythology x2 A generalized centaur. Typically, both halves are of the same animal and furred, but retains the shape of a centaur. See kentauru, ckemono