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fu'ivla x1 (proposition) is a theory of x2 (proposition); x1 (proposition) is a system of explanations of structure, basic principles or behavior of x2 (proposition) See also ciksi, ciste
fu'ivla x1 does hermeneutics/exegesis analysis of x2 (text); x1 interprets x2 as a given wisdom; x1 is an exegete See lanli, lijda
fu'ivla x1 (abstraction) is the purpose of x2 (object or event) See terpli, terzu'e, terfi'i. Syn. kosmu. Note that this is not a mere short-form; this word is agent-less. (≈ te pilno be fi zi'o)
fu'ivla x1 is semen/sperm fluid/generative substance of male animal x2 See tsiselcigla, nakso'a, sovda, caksova
fu'ivla x1 is a type of sports practiced by x2; x1 is related to sports; x2 is a sportsman/sportswoman For types of sports use le'a. See also zajba, xadykelci'e.
fu'ivla x1 is an ester derived from acid x2 and alcohol x3 c.f. xumsle,slami, xalka.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 is (a/some) krill [member of malacostracan crustacean order: Euphausiacea] of subtaxon/type/genus/species/variety/breed x2 See also: krilami, krilui.
fu'ivla x1 is measured as x2 (number) on the Fahrenheit scale See kelvrfarenxaito, kelvo, jacke'o, glare, lenku.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 is February in year x2 on calendar x3 See also: djanua, martio, prilio, madjio, djunio, djulio.
fu'ivla f1 is a aba/aba aba/frankfish/freshwater rat-tail/poisson-cheval/African knifefish (genus Gymnarchus) of species f2. Gymnarchus niloticus is an electric fish, and the only species in the genus Gymnarchus.
fu'ivla x1 is a halibut of species x2. syn. polgosu; see also flundero, cucyzbefi'e, mlafi'e
fu'ivla x1 (property of x3) is the grammar of language x2 for elidible construct x3 that is assumed to fill its place even if elided See also gretera, gerna
fu'ivla x1 is a strawberry of species/breed x2. Cf. frambesi, grute, jbari, rozgu.
fu'ivla x1 is a fractal with properties x2 Fractal is a geometric figure that repeats itself under several levels of magnification, and that shows self-similarity on all scales. See also pixra, cartu, panra, ckilu
fu'ivla x1 is a blackberry/raspberry/bramble of species x2. Cf. fragari, grute, jbari, rozgu.
fu'ivla x1 is a boiled meatball (meal; a ball of minced or ground meat, boiled) consisting of x2 polpeta is a more generic term. See also tefteli, sanmi, rectu