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fu'ivla x1 is a fellow man/compatriot/mate/comrade of x2, being united in x3 (ka) Differs from pendo in being impersonal, united because of x3. Differs from kansa in being affectionate and empathic.
fu'ivla x1 is a kangaroo of species/breed x2. Cf. daskymabru, daskycribe, sralo, plipe.
fu'ivla x1 is a chili/bell pepper (Capsicum) of species/variety x2. cf. cpina, spatrpiperi, tamca, patlu, tanko, mlongena
fu'ivla x1 is a crab (type of aquatic crustacean) of type x2 Less taxonomically specific than braxiiura; generally refers to any aquatic decapod with a broad shell and pincers, including those aren't classed as infraorder Brachyura, e.g. hermit crabs, king crabs, and porcelain crabs. See cakyjukni.
fu'ivla x1 reflects Punic/Carthaginian culture/language/society/nation/identity in aspect x2 See also: latmo, friko, latmrfriko, gomsi, banxupu'u
fu'ivla x1 is a caravan consisting of x2 traveling across/through x3 Cf. bende, girzu, gunma.
fu'ivla x1 plays croquet against x2 in competition x3 for prize/title x4. Cf. krokete, kroke, kriketi, ga'arboijvi, bolci, mruli.
fu'ivla x1 is x2 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature by standard x3. Cf. jacke'o, glare, lenku, dunja, febvi.
fu'ivla x1 is confused about message x2 (text/sedu'u) from sender x3 See ki'a, cfipu, je'empe
fu'ivla x1 measures x2 bels on scale x3 (si'o). One bel is equal to 10 decibels. Cf. klani, sance, cladu.
fu'ivla g1 is g2 volt(s) of electromotive force (default is 1) by standard g3. Cf. xampo, klanrxomi, klanrxuati, klanrdjuli, terdikca.
fu'ivla g1 is g2 henry/henries of inductance (default is 1) by standard g3. Cf. enri, klanrvolta, xampo.
fu'ivla g1 is g2 ohm(s) of electrical impedance/resistance (default is 1) by standard g3. Cf. omso, xampo, klanrvolta, klanrxuati, klanrzimenzi.
obsolete fu'ivla g1 is g2 watt(s) of power (default is 1) by standard g3. Deprecated since the prohibition on consonants followed by glides; see uatno. Cf. klanrdjuli, klanrvolta, xampo.
fu'ivla g1 is g2 siemens of electrical conductance (default is 1) by standard g3. klanrxomi, klanrvolta, xampo.
fu'ivla x1 is (a) classic in/of genre/type x2 in aspects/features x3 by standard/judgment of x4 Generally considered to be transcendent, great, exceptionally good in overall quality, artistic and expressive, and (capable of) enduring.