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fu'ivla x1=l1 is a to-do-list for x2; x1=l1 is a list of things that x2 intends to do From ai and liste. Compare aidji, zukte, eiste
fu'ivla x1 pertains to/reflects Levant/Mashriq/al-Shaam/Shumm (eastern Mediterranean, northeast African, western Asian, western Middle Eastern; Mediterranean littoral region, Fertile Crescent subregion) culture/nationality/geography/history/character in aspect x2 x2 can also be used to define how the term is being used (since the definition has been historically variable and vague). See also: lusto , gomsi, ckenderu.
fu'ivla x1 hints, alludes, provides a clue at x2 (object, event, numeral); x2 is hinted x1 is the object providing a clue to x2. To specify agent perceiving the hint use ga'a. lo nu anci - 'a hint / an act of hinting'
fu'ivla x1 admit to themselves that they x2 (ka) See also radji'i, tugni, jinvi, randa, curmi, jetnu, jitfa, stace
fu'ivla x1 is a scar on x2 See also cagna, xrani, vitno, pilka, cortu, kanro, banro, barna.
fu'ivla x1 is a grammatical abstraction of type x2 All Lojban constructs can be divided either to astrato/naly'astrato or to bridi, fasnu, selsku, namcu, dacti, gunma
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''eng'' (English). Cf. bangenugu, gliglibau, merbau, xinglibau, kadnyglibau, sralybau, kisyglibau, nanfi'oglibau, bangrnaidjiria.
fu'ivla c1 is dragon's blood [bright red resin] of plant species c2 (genus Croton/Dracaena/Daemonorops/Calamus rotang/Pterocarpus). The red resin was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye. It continues to be employed for the aforementioned purposes by some. Not to be confused with blood from a dragon which is "lo ciblu be lo ranmrdrakono".
fu'ivla x1 (system) is a deterministic dynamic system displaying chaotic/extreme input-sensitivity in property/aspect x2 with characteristics (parts, relations, manner, output, etc.) x3 Some definitions of "Chaos" require that the system must be deterministic and dynamic, sensitive to initial conditions, display/develop topologically mixing (in some subset of its phase space), have dense periodic orbits.
fu'ivla x1 is a quantity of café au lait [coffee beverage] of composition/type x2. Original café au lait (x2=lo fraso), European variants (x2=lo ropno), American variants (x2=lo bemro), New Orleans variant (x2=la {nu,orlins}). For non-cultural specific usage: coffee with hot milk (=glaladyckafi).
fu'ivla x1=d1=c1 is a sword / long knife weapon for use against x2=d2 by x3 with blade of material x4=d3 zi'evla-shortening of cladakyxa'i. Cf. clani, dakfu, xarci, baldakyxa'i.
fu'ivla x1 cancels upvote-or-downvote for / "unlikes" x2 in system x3 Refers to systems (chiefly on the Internet) that keep a running tally of approval-votes, and sometimes disapproval-votes as well. See ma'udzau, ni'udzau, adzau, nildzau, kansele, co'u
fu'ivla x1 is a Smurf [ficitional being] characterized by significant property/feature/trait/aspect/dimension x2 (ka); x1 is/are smurf/smurfing in aspect x2 [corresponds to the undefinable word From "Les Schtroumpfs" (French). The name was later translated into Dutch as Smurf, which was adopted in English. See also: runcible (=rarnsibe).
fu'ivla x1 (du'u/nu) should (moral obligation) be true/happen by standard x2 Brivla form of ei: "ei broda" = "lo su'u broda cu eilga". Merges bilga_1 and bilga_2. See einvi, zgadi, sarcu
fu'ivla x1 (agent) thinks x2 (du'u/nu) should (moral obligation) be true/happen about subject/issue x3 on grounds x4 See ei, jinvi, bilga, bigji'i, zgadi
fu'ivla x1=l1 is a to-do-list for x2; x1=l1 is a list of things that x2 needs/is obligated to do From ei and liste. Compare nitcu, bilga, zukte, aiste