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gismu rafsi: fuk fu'i x1 is a copy/replica/duplicate/clone of x2 in form/medium x3 made by method x4 (event). See also krefu, rapli, gidva.; Borrowing (=fu'ivla).
ra fukpi
That's a copy.
ko na fukpi ra
Do not try to imitate her.
pu jarco tu'a lo palci fukpi za'u me mi pendo
He showed the forgery to my friends.
mi ralte lo fukpi be lo vi pixra bei lo jubme bukpu bei lo nu prina
I have a printed copy of this picture made as a tablecloth.
va'i so'i tcana cu ru'i benji lo zgike vreji se ta'i lo nu mi na kakne lo nu fukpi gasnu
In other words, many nodes continuously stream music files as a method of preventing me from copying them.
lujvo g1 (agent) prints p1 onto p2 using p3 (tool/method). Cf. prina, fukpi.
experimental gismu x1 (living cell) divides itself into x2 (full set; the same type as x1) The basic feature of live matter. x2 is the full set of cells born due to the division of x1. See fukpi
lujvo f4=p1 pastes (during editing) f2=p2 from f3. Cf. fukpi, punji, fukra'e, vicra'e.
lujvo f4=r1 copies (during editing) f2=r2 from f3. Cf. fukpi, ralte, vicra'e, fukpu'i.
lujvo c1=s2 is a mockingbird of species c2 which produces sound s1 that is a copy of f2. Cf. fukpi, sance, cipni.
lujvo g1 (agent) creates copy f1 of f2 in form/medium f3 by method f4 (event). See also: fukpi, gasnu.
lujvo f1 is an emulation/imitation of f2 in medium f3, emulated by method f4 and exhibiting pattern m1. Cf. morna, fukpi, monfu'igau.
lujvo f1 is a backup / danger avoiding duplicate / copy of f2=s1 in form / medium f3 made by method f4 to protect / secure against event s2 (generally destruction or loss). Made from snura + fukpi.
i ku'i co'i ma lo cevni nu zukte cu punji lo pruxi lo fukpi tarbi pe ne'i lo cipra tu'urvau i xu go'i co'i sai lo nu co'a bu'u jmive
But when would divine intervention place a soul in a cloned fertilized egg in a test tube? Would this occur at the exact moment when life begins therein?
gismu rafsi: ref ke'u x1 (event) is the x3'rd recurrence/repetition of x2 (abstract); x2 happens again in [form] x1. Also case, another, instance, different, other, time, occasion. See also fukpi, rapli, cafne, fasnu, xruti.