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lujvo c1=g1 is the lap of t2. Cf. galtu, tuple, crane, tsetupyzbe.
lujvo gas1=j2 shrugs, raises their shoulders gal1=j1. See also gasnu, galtu, janco, galgau.
lujvo gas1=s1 raises/elevates it/his/her self by in frame of reference gal2 as compared with standard/baseline gal3. Cf. sevzi, galtu, gasnu.
gismu rafsi: nit ni'a x1 is directly/vertically beneath/below/under/underneath/down from x2 in frame of reference x3. Also underside, nether. See also dizlo, gapru, galtu, farna, loldi.
lujvo m1 rises to m2=g1 from origin m3=g3 via path m4. Cf. muvdu, galtu, klama, gapru, sa'irbi'o, tolfa'u.
gismu rafsi: gap x1 is directly/vertically above/upwards-from x2 in gravity/frame of reference x3. See also tsani, galtu, cnita, drudi, gacri, dizlo, farna.
obsolete fu'ivla k1 is a quark with flavor k2. Proposal of name of “flavors”: up (=le gapru), down (=le cnita), strange (=le cizra), charm (=le melbi), top (=le galtu), bottom (=le dizlo). Antiquark (={to'e zei ka'urkuarka}). Virtual (or sea) quark (={zastce zei ka'urkuarka}).
gismu rafsi: diz dzi x1 is low/down/downward in frame of reference x2 as compared with baseline/standard height x3. Also lower; x3 is generally some defined distance above a zero point/baseline, or is that baseline itself. See also cnita, galtu, gapru, farna, loldi.
gismu rafsi: rud dru x1 is a roof/top/ceiling/lid of x2. (cf. bitmu, stedu, galtu, gapru, loldi, marbi, gacri, mapku; a drudi is (designed to be) over/above something and shelters it from other things above the drudi, mapku)
gismu rafsi: far fa'a x1 is the direction of x2 (object/event) from origin/in frame of reference x3. x2 is towards x1 from x3 (= selfa'a for reordered places). See also zunle, pritu, galtu, gapru, cnita, dizlo, berti, snanu, stuna, stici, purci, balvi, lidne.
lujvo x1=c1 climbs/[goes up/ascends] upwards on wall/fence/mountain/boulder/obstacle x2=c2 using x3=c4 [limbs/tools/equipment] towards top/summit x4=g1 from base/floor/baseline/standard height x5=g3. From galtu cpare. Narrows down cpare to only mean climbing and upwards, against the gravitational pull (the frame or reference). For surface of x2, see/use sefta.
fu'ivla x1 is a quark with flavor x2 Proposed names for "flavors": up (=lo zai'e gapru), down (=lo zai'e cnita), strange (=lo zai'e cizra), charm (=lo zai'e melbi), top (=lo zai'e galtu), bottom (=lo zai'e dizlo). Antiquark (= tolku'arka/dutyku'arka), virtual/sea quark (= zasyku'arka)