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.i .oi ro'e mu'i ma pau nai lo nu tavla cusku zo galxe cu mutce nandu fi lo nu galxe bilma
Stupid brain! Why is saying "galxe" so very difficult with a sore throat?
gismu x1 is a/the throat/gullet [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: narrow(ing) opening of a deep hole]. See also cnebo, kevna, tunlo.
mi bilma lo ka cortu lo galxe
My symptoms is that my throat aches.
mi cortu lo galxe be mi
I have a sore throat.
da'i lo djacu cu xamgu lo galxe be do
Water would be fine for your throat.
mi kanro lo ka na cortu lo galxe
I'm healthy in that my throat doesn't ache.
gismu rafsi: neb ne'o x1 is a/the neck [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: a relatively narrow point]. See also galxe, cutne.
lujvo g1=p1 is the Adam's apple (laryngeal prominence) of g2=p2. Cf. galxe, punli.
lujvo f1=g1 is a/the pharynx [body-part] of g2. Similar to pharanx (gr. cleft, chasm). Nasopharynx (=zbigalxyfe'a), oropharynx (=molgalxyfe'a), laryngopharynx/hypopharynx (=galxyferni'a). See also moldruji'o, galxe and fenra.
gismu rafsi: kev ke'a x1 is a cavity/hole/hollow/cavern in x2; x1 is concave within x2; x2 is hollow at locus x1. Also pit, depression, concavity; hollow (= selke'a). See also fenra, kunti, canlu, canko, galxe, tubnu.
gismu rafsi: tul tu'o x1 gulps/swallows. x1 swallows down food/drink. x2 (= tulpinxe, tulcti, ctitu'o (the latter two are more general - for food or beverage); swallow/engulf (= galxycti, galxynerbi'o, galxygre. See also citka, pinxe, galxe.