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gismu rafsi: gas ga'e x1 [observer] senses/detects/notices stimulus x2 (object/nu) by means x3 under conditions x4. x1 is sensitive to x2; also feels, spots, perceives, makes out, discerns/recognizes (but only implying reaction without necessarily any significant mental processing); note that the emphasis is on a property which stimulates x1 and is detected (sanji is passive about the sensing, and is not limited to sensory input, as well as presuming some kind of discernment/recognition, while not being concerned with the means of detection); x3 sense/sensory channel. See also pencu, sanji, viska, sumne, tirna, zgana, canci, simlu.
ganse ma
What does it feel like?
pu ganse ma
How did it feel like?
mi ganse lo plise
I sense an apple.
do ganse lo cabdei ma
How are you feeling today?
mi ganse le ve'u xamsi
I can smell the ocean.
mi mutce ganse lo ka lenku
I am very sensitive to the cold.
i ca ti mi ganse lo lenku
Now I feel cold.
mi ganse lo tarmi be lo plise
I sense the form of an apple.
i ku'i mi ganse lo nu lenku
But I feel cold.
lo ctuca cu ganse lo selsre be lo tadni
The teacher took notice of the student's mistake.
lo nazbi po'e lo'e gerku cu mutce ganse
A dog's nose is very sensitive.
mi pu lifri lo ka ganse lo cizra
I underwent strange sensation.
mi pu ganse lo pluka panci pe ra'i le purdi
I felt a pleasant smell from the garden.
lo nalvi'a va'o se jmina ka'erbi'o lo nu ganse lo nu vi dacti
Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense the proximity of objects around them.
.e'o va'o lo nu do ganse lo selsre kei ko cikre
If you see a mistake, then please correct it.