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gismu rafsi: gaz x1 organizes x2 [relative chaos] into x3 [ordered/organized result] by system/principle(s) x4. x3 is also a system; x4 could be merely a function which inherently serves to dictate the organizational structure of x3. See also ciste, morna, stura, bilni, cabra.
.i mi nelci loi te ganzu be lo ti nilce
I like the arrangement of the furniture in this room.
pu co'u lo mutce lerci mi rinju lo nu ganzu
I was tied up until very late getting some things in order.
mi zvati lo nu ganzu penmi kei ca prulamdei
I attended the meeting yesterday.
lo kerfa cu cnici lo ka se ganzu fi lo carmi
The hair is neat in being organized into a shining part.
le turni pu ganzu lo ruble prenu lo vlipa jenmi lo ka bapli lo nu le jenmi cu zukte lo te minde
He turned weak people into a powerful army by making them execute orders.
lujvo g1 (agent) tidies/cleans up/neatens/straightens c1 in property/quantity c2 (ka/ni). Cf. cnici, gasnu, ganzu
lujvo n1 is order (state of being well arranged) of c1 with orderliness c2. Cf. cnici, kalsa, ganzu.
lujvo x1 sorts x2 (plurality or sequence) into x3 (ordered sequence) according to relation x4 (binary ka) See porcnegau, nicpoi, porsi, ganzu
lujvo g3 is a setup of g2 arranged by g1 based on principle g4. Cf. ganzu, cnici.
fu'ivla x1 is semantically regularized in x2 (property of x1) Can be applied to taxonomies, languages, linguistic constructs. See also kalsa, ganzu, smuni, prane
lujvo k1=g1 the committee for steering/organizing g2 into g3 by system/principle(s) g4 of body/organization k3. From ganzu, kamni. Cf. trukamni, trokamni, ctakamni.
gismu rafsi: tur su'a x1 is a structure/arrangement/organization of x2 [set/system/complexity]. (x2, if a set, is completely specified); See also ganzu, morna, ciste, lujvo, greku, gerna.
gismu rafsi: bil x1 is military/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system x2 for purpose x3. Also paramilitary; soldier in its broadest sense - not limited to those trained/organized as part of an army to defend a state (= bilpre). See also jenmi for a military force, sonci, ganzu, pulji.
gismu rafsi: ca'a x1 is apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for function x2 controlled/[triggered] by x3 (agent). Form determined by/from function; does not imply automated/automatic action - requires an external agent/trigger (a minji may be a zmiku cabra if it requires an external agent to trigger or control the functions that it performs automatically). (cf. tutci, minji, finti; girzu, ganzu for organizational apparatus, pilno)
gismu rafsi: ci'e x1 (mass) is a system interrelated by structure x2 among components x3 (set) displaying x4 (ka). x1 (or x3) is synergistic in x4; also network; x2 also relations, rules; x3 also elements (set completely specified); x4 systemic functions/properties. See also cmavo list ci'e, cmima, girzu, gunma, stura, tadji, munje, farvi, ganzu, judri, julne, klesi, morna, tcana.