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gismu rafsi: gac x1 is gaseous/fumes/a gas/vapor of material/composition including x2, under conditions x3. x3 includes temperature and pressure. See also pambe, vacri, litki, sligu, danmo, bumru, cidro, flecu.
ko pofygau lo gapci
Turn off the gas.
ko sisti tu'a lo gapci
Turn off the gas.
lo vacri cu mixre so'o gapci
Air is a mixture of several gases.
ko'a pu pilno lo vindu gapci
They used poison gas.
lo vacri cu mixre so'o gapci
Air is a mixture of several gases.
lo vi karce cu se livla lo gapci
This car is powered by gas.
ko capyju'i lo nu se carcna vi lo fletu'u be lo gapci
Be careful not to drill into gas pipes.
lo glare pu ru'i cupra lo fonmo be lo djacu bei lo gapci
The heat was producing bubbles of gas in the water.
fu'ivla x1 is some ethane See metxani, gapci
fu'ivla x1 is some methane/CH4/marsh gas/natural gas See gapci
lujvo x1 is fog/mist of liquid/composition x2 covering x3. Cf. bumru, gapci.
gismu rafsi: dro x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of hydrogen (H); [metaphor: light, flammable]. See also gapci, xukmi.
fu'ivla x1 is a plasma (state of matter) of matter x2 See gapci, litki, sligu
gismu rafsi: bum x1 is foggy/misty/covered by a fog/mist/vapor of liquid x2. See also djacu, carvi, danmo, lunsa, tcima, gapci.