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fu'ivla x1 is an atomic element in group x2 [usually, vertical column; denotes electron configuration and, thereby, chemical similarity with vertical neighbors] and period x3 [usually, horizontal row; denotes similarity in size with horizontal neighbors, as well as having the same number and type of electron shells as them] and belonging to other 'class'/'category'/'type'/having other properties x4 according to scheme/organization pattern/standard/periodic table x5. Non-gismu version of rakle. x4 can be any category of similar elements, such as (but not limited to): metals, conductors, gases (at STP), or those elements which obey some sort of pattern following certain atomic/physical/chemical characteristics (such as first iönization energy, stability of nucleus, abnormalities in electron configuration according to naïve expectations, etc.). Groups may (presently) be hard to name (or unsystematic in such) since the periodic table may be infinitely large such that it is equipped with an infinite number of groups between any two mutually nonidentical groups. For now, use cmevla or brivla for designating groups; optionally, pick a representative member of that group. Periods can be designated similarly or by number (counting by ones from one (being the period containing hydrogen)). See also: rakle, ratykle; ratni, klesi, navni, kliru, cidro, tabno, kijno, gapci, xukmi