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lujvo co1=z1 is/are anterior (zootomy)/cranial/cephalic (anatomy)/superior (human anatomy) to z2 by margin z4, in body/object cl1=d3. Standard anatomical term to avoid ambiguity, but not restricted to anatomical objects. In most animals the same as 'in front of' (=crane), but in humans the same as 'above' (=gapru). See also anterior/superior absolute position (claco'uklo), anterior/superior relative position (claco'umau), posterior/inferior end (claco'a), anteroposterior (A-P) axis (selcla), ventral/anterior end (befco'u), dorsal/posterior end (tolbefco'u/bekpyco'u).
gismu rafsi: far fa'a x1 is the direction of x2 (object/event) from origin/in frame of reference x3. x2 is towards x1 from x3 (= selfa'a for reordered places). See also zunle, pritu, galtu, gapru, cnita, dizlo, berti, snanu, stuna, stici, purci, balvi, lidne.
fu'ivla x1 is a quark with flavor x2 Proposed names for "flavors": up (=lo zai'e gapru), down (=lo zai'e cnita), strange (=lo zai'e cizra), charm (=lo zai'e melbi), top (=lo zai'e galtu), bottom (=lo zai'e dizlo). Antiquark (= tolku'arka/dutyku'arka), virtual/sea quark (= zasyku'arka)