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cmavo attitudinal: elliptical/unspecified/non-specific emotion; no particular feeling.
ge'e me la.tatoebas.
So that's Tatoeba.
ge'e xu jetnu
Oh, really?
ge'e lo mi mlatu mo'u se jbena pa no da
Well, my cat has given birth to ten kittens.
mu'i ma jufra .i ka'e cpedu .i ge'e mu'i lo nu lo jufra cu cinri zmadu
Why sentences? …you may ask. Well, because sentences are more interesting.
fo'a di'i nai cmoni .i mo'u bacru lu ge'e frica li'u
He hems and haws. "It's different," he finally says.
fu'ivla x1 (agent) feels an unspecified or unknown emotion about x2 (event) From ge'e, cinmo. See co'e
experimental cmavo modifier / discursive: elliptical affirmative; "maybe, maybe not" Elliptical NAI/CAI. "Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe somewhere in between". Can also modify attitudinals: uicau'i = "Maybe I'm happy, maybe I'm sad". See ju'ocu'i, ju'acu'i, ju'oinai, cau'a, cau'e, na'i, ge'e
experimental cmavo start UI-applicative metalinguistic UI-parenthetical Presently (without this word), there is no "official" way to apply a UI cmavo to another (instead, they merely express simultaneous emotions pertaining to the relevant construct). This word begins a parenthetical which can contain UI cmavo and applies these cmavo as a string of UI to the immediately previous UI cmavo metalinguistically (as if the external UI is/are any other type of word which can be acted upon by UI). An omitted UI (external or internal) in this case is equivalent to ge'e. Since the produced parenthetical functions as UI, nested or subsequent such parentheticals operate on it as it operates on external UI cmavo. For details on grouping and application, see koi'e. See also: toi'o.
fu'ivla x1 feels sensation / qualia x2 via sense x3 (ka) // {ka'e gansetifri} = x1 is sentient (able to feel subjective conscious experiences) x2 is a ganseti-type. Proposed gismu form: gelse, with rafsi -ges- and -ge'e-. See lifri, ganse.