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gismu rafsi: zar zau x1 approves of/gives favor to plan/action x2 (object/event). See also cmavo list zau, natfe.
gismu x1 is a bay in/of coast/shoreline x2. See also lalxu, xamsi.
experimental gismu v1 is a zi'evla-form word meaning v2 (in Lojban); v1 is morphologically a zi'evla Synonymous to zi'evla
fu'ivla x1 reflects/pertains to the Old World [from European explorer perspective] in aspect x2 under standard/definition thereof x3 Experimental gismu version: gonte.
gismu rafsi: zin zi'i x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of zinc (Zn); [metaphor: hard metal]. See also jinme.
gismu rafsi: zmi x1 is automatic in function x2 under conditions x3. See also macnu.
gismu rafsi: zmu x1 is a quantity of maize/corn [grain] of species/strain x2. See also gurni.
gismu rafsi: zut tse x1 sits [assumes sitting position] on surface x2. See also stizu, cpana, vreta.
experimental gismu x1 is a pterosaur of subtaxon/type/genus/species/variety/breed x2 gismu version of ketslau (otherwise identical). See also: dinso, dinsauru, piknofibre, ketslau, reksa.
experimental gismu x1 is a dinosaur [specific: only clade Dinosauria] of type x2 living in era x3. A gismu version of dinsauru; contrast with dinso. Includes birds. Proposed short rafsi: -rex-. Preferred to reksa (for the sake of short rafsi). See also: ketslau.
experimental gismu x1 expresses meaning x2 (du'u/si'o) to addressee/audience x3 by doing x4 (property of x1) Gismu form of smusku. The act (x4) may or may not be linguistic. Proposed rafsi: -sus-. See also cusku, smuni, corci
lujvo x1 is a tcizbaga word A tcizbaga word looks like a lujvo morphologically (though it may contain undefined gismu or rafsi) but it is defined as a fu'ivla/zi'evla.
gismu rafsi: ma'o x1 is a structure word of grammatical class x2, with meaning/function x3 in usage (language) x4. x4 may be a specific usage (with an embedded language place) or a massified language description; x3 and x4 may be merely an example of cmavo usage or refer to an actual expression; cmavo list, if physical object (= (loi) ma'oste); referring to the mental construct (e.g. propose adding a new cmavo to the cmavo list = ma'orpoi, ma'orselcmi, ma'orselste). See also gismu, lujvo, gerna, smuni, valsi.
gismu rafsi: cme me'e x1 (quoted word(s)) is a/the name/title/tag of x2 to/used-by namer/name-user x3 (person). Also: x2 is called x1 by x3 (= selcme for reordered places). See also cmavo list me'e, gismu, tcita, valsi, judri. Historically used to describe words in the Lojban morphological class allocated for use with proper nouns; this sense has been deprecated in favor of cmevla.
experimental gismu x1 is an orientation of/on (base) object x2 with features/characteristics/definition x3; x2 is an unoriented version of an object endowed with/given orientation/direction/face x1. Preferred to fardu because of gismu similarity-conflict and the fact that ckaji makes more etymological sense than dunda does. The "giving" is nonagentive. See also: xansa; equivalent zi'evla version: farnadu.
experimental gismu x1 is a rodent [can be a member of eutherian mammal Rodentia; semantic broadening might subjectively generalize the concept somewhat] of subtaxon/type/genus/species/breed/variety x2 gismu version of: ratcnrodentia, rontnrodentia. Meant for any rodent in general (more general than ratcu, smacu). Semantic broadening may allow for any "small, scurrying mammal" to be so named. For the subjective generalization of concept to any "small scurrying mammal" made explicit, unambiguous, and clear: rontysmimabru.