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gismu x1 is a bead/pebble [shape/form] of material x2. See also bolci, canre, lakse, dirgo.
gismu rafsi: bic x1 is a bee/wasp/hornet of species/breed x2. See also cinki, sfani, lakse.
gismu rafsi: big x1 is bound/obliged to/has the duty to do/be x2 in/by standard/agreement x3; x1 must do x2. Also x3 frame of reference. See also zifre, fuzme.
gismu rafsi: bi'a x1 is ill/sick/diseased with symptoms x2 from disease x3. See also kanro, mikce, spita, senci, kafke, binra.
gismu x1 is made of/contains/is a amount of beer/ale/brew brewed from x2. See also pinxe, barja, jikru, vanju, xalka, fusra.
gismu rafsi: bit x1 is certain/sure/positive/convinced that x2 is true. See also jetnu, jinvi, krici, djuno, senpi, sruma.
gismu rafsi: bla x1 is blue [color adjective]. See also skari, blabi, xekri, zirpu, kandi, carmi, cicna.
gismu rafsi: lot blo lo'i x1 is a boat/ship/vessel [vehicle] for carrying x2, propelled by x3. See also falnu, fulta, marce, jatna, sabnu.
experimental gismu x1 is a pair of jeans / blue jeans See also de'emni, bukpu, palku, taxfu
gismu rafsi: bof bo'o x1 is a sheet/foil/blanket [2-dimensional shape/form flexible in 3 dimensions] of material x2. See also plita, cinje, polje, slasi, tinci.
experimental gismu x1 is bleen, associated with time x2 Grue and bleen are predicates coined by Nelson Goodman in /Fact, Fiction, and Forecast/ to illustrate "the new riddle of induction". These predicates are unusual because their application to things is time dependent. See also: clinu.
gismu x1 is hail/sleet/freezing rain/solid precipitation of material/composition including x2. This is the substance, not the act or manner of its falling, which is carvi. See also carvi, snime, bisli, tcima.
gismu rafsi: bif bi'e x1 is a breeze/wind/gale from direction x2 with speed x3; x1 blows from x2. See also tcima.
gismu rafsi: bij x1 is an office/bureau/work-place of worker x2 at location x3. See also jibri, gunka.
gismu rafsi: rit x1 reflects British/United Kingdom culture/nationality in aspect x2. See also glico, skoto, merko, ropno.
gismu rafsi: bun bu'a x1 is brother of/fraternal to x2 by bond/tie/standard/parent(s) x3; [not necess. biological]. See also mensi, tunba, tamne, famti, bersa.