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gismu rafsi: buk bu'u x1 is an amount of cloth/fabric of type/material x2. See also mapni, matli, sunla, slasi, silka.
gismu rafsi: bum x1 is foggy/misty/covered by a fog/mist/vapor of liquid x2. See also djacu, carvi, danmo, lunsa, tcima, gapci.
gismu rafsi: bur bu'e x1 is brown/tan [color adjective]. See also skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi.
gismu x1 is x2 hours in duration (default is 1 hour) by standard x3. See also junla, mentu, snidu, tcika, temci.
gismu rafsi: dzu x1 walks/strides/paces on surface x2 using limbs x3. See also stapa, bajra, klama, litru.
gismu rafsi: cak x1 is a shell/husk [hard, protective covering] around x2 composed of x3. See also pilka, skapi, gacri, bartu.
experimental gismu x1 (event) is spacelike-separated from x2 (event) under signal means/in universe/by information channel (parametrization) x3 Includes lightlike-separation. See also: temse, tcese.
gismu rafsi: cna x1 is a shovel/spade [bladed digging implement] for digging x2. See also kakpa, guska, tutci.
gismu x1 is a cart/carriage/wagon [wheeled vehicle] for carrying x2, propelled by x3. See also karce, xislu, marce, matra.
gismu rafsi: snu x1(s) (mass normally, but 1 individual/jo'u possible) discuss(es)/talk(s) about topic/subject x2. Also chat, converse. See also bacru, cusku, darlu, tavla.
gismu x1 (agent) kills/slaughters/murders x2 by action/method x3. See also morsi, xarci. Non-agentive variant: mrori'a
gismu rafsi: cem ce'u x1 is a community/colony of organisms x2. See also bende, kulnu, natmi, tcadu, jecta, girzu.
lujvo xa1=c1 is a gun/cannon/firearm for use against xa2 by xa3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3. jvajvo; Gismu deep structure is "cecla gi'e xarci".
gismu rafsi: cne x1 varies/changes in property/quantity x2 (ka/ni) in amount/degree x3 under conditions x4. Non-resultative, not-necessarily causal change. (cf. cenba which is non-resultative, galfi which is resultative and causal, stika which is non-resultative and causal; stodi, zasni, binxo)
gismu rafsi: ces x1 is holy/sacred to person/people/culture/religion/cult/group x2. See also cevni, krici, latna, pruxi, lijda, sinma.
gismu rafsi: cre x1 is an expert/pro/has prowess in/is skilled at x2 (event/activity) by standard x3. Also competent, skilled. See also djuno, stati, kakne.