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gismu rafsi: cfa x1 [state/event/process] commences/initiates/starts/begins to occur; (intransitive verb). See also sisti, krasi, fanmo, co'acfa.
gismu rafsi: cfi x1 (property - ka) is a flaw/fault/defect in x2 causing x3. See also cikre, srera, fenra, fliba, prane.
gismu rafsi: fi'u x1 (event/state) confuses/baffles x2 [observer] due to [confusing] property x3 (ka). See also pluja, cfipu, zunti.
gismu x1 is cyan/turquoise/greenish-blue [color adjective]. See also skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, crino, blanu.
gismu rafsi: dja x1 is food/feed/nutriment for x2; x1 is edible/gives nutrition to x2. See also citka, nitcu, pinxe, xagji, cpina.
gismu rafsi: cid x1 is a/the knee/elbow/knuckle [hinged joint, body-part] of limb x2 of body x3. Metaphor: a sharp bend/curve. See also korcu, jarco, jganu.
gismu rafsi: cig x1 is a/the gland [body-part] secreting x2, of body x3; x2 is a secretion of x1. Secretion (= selcigla). See also vikmi, xasne.
gismu x1 repairs/mends/fixes x2 for use x3. A repair may be incomplete, fixing only one of the possible uses of x2, hence x3. See also cfila, spofu.
experimental gismu x1 is the ISO-named script/writing system of people x2 with ISO-name x1, according to rule/specification x3 See also: jviso, ciska, lerfu, ciste
gismu rafsi: cli x1 learns x2 (du'u) about subject x3 from source x4 (obj./event) by method x5 (event/process). See also ctuca, tadni, djuno, ckule.
gismu rafsi: cil x1 is a thread/filament/wire [shape/form] of material x2. See also fenso, nivji, skori, silka.
gismu x1 (property - ka) is a dimension of space/object x2 according to rules/model x3. See also morna, ckilu, merli, manri.
gismu rafsi: cij x1 is a wrinkle/crease/fold [shape/form] in x2. See also korcu, polje, boxfo, boxna.
gismu x1 [material] is a paint of pigment/active substance x2, in a base of x3. See also pixra, skari.
gismu x1 smiles/grins (facial expression). Smile/grin at something (= cismyfra). See also xajmi, cmila, frumu.
gismu rafsi: cir x1 is a history of x2 according to x3 (person)/from point-of-view x3. Also historic/historical (= cirtermo'i, cirvai). See also muzga.