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gismu x1 is curious/wonders about/is interested in/[inquisitive about] x2 (object/abstract). Inquisitive (= retkucli). See also manci, sisku, se cinri.
gismu rafsi: kuk x1 is delicious/tasty/delightful to observer/sense x2 [person, or sensory activity]. x1 is a delicacy. See also gusta, ralci, vrusi, cpina.
gismu rafsi: kum ku'a x1 is a room of/in structure x2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor x3 (mass/jo'u). Also chamber. See also bitmu, canlu, zdani.
gismu rafsi: kun x1 is/contains/is made from a mineral/ore of type/metal x2 mined from location/lode/mine x3. See also jinme, bisli, rokci, jemna.
gismu rafsi: lap cpu x1 pulls/tugs/draws/drags x2 by handle/at locus x3. Gravity (= ka maicpu, maircpukai). See also catke, sakci, cokcu.
gismu rafsi: lac x1 relies/depends/counts on/trusts x2 to bring about/ensure/maintain x3 (event/state). See also minde, nitcu, tinbe.
gismu rafsi: lad x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of milk from source x2; (adjective:) x1 is lactic/dairy. See also lanbi, mabru, tatru, cirla, kruji.
gismu rafsi: lak x1 is quantity of wax [substance especially soft/moldable when warm] from source x2. Also paraffin. See also bifce, ranti, bidju.
experimental gismu x1 is old/aged [relatively long in elapsed duration] by standard x2 (= tolci'o) See citno, slabu
gismu rafsi: la'u x1 is a lake/lagoon/pool at site/within land mass x2. See also daplu, djacu, rirxe, xamsi, zbani.
gismu x1 is a quantity of protein/albumin of type x2 composed of amino acids (sequence/jo'u) x3 . See also ladru, sovda.
gismu x1 is a flag/banner/standard of/symbolizing x2 with pattern(s) x3 on material x4. See also gugde, jecta.
experimental gismu x1 is the ISO-named country of people x2 with ISO-name x1, according to rule/specification x3 See also: gugde, jviso.
gismu rafsi: lal x1 analyzes/examines-in-detail x2 by method/technique/system x3 [process/activity]. See also catlu, zgana, jarco, pensi, pinka.
gismu rafsi: lan x1 is a sheep/[lamb/ewe/ram] of species/breed x2 of flock x3. See also kanba, sunla.
gismu x1 is a can/tightly sealed/pre-sealed container for perishable contents x2, made of x3. See also botpi, baktu, tinci.